“Being” Fulfillment

July 13, 2019

Today I turn 65 and I’m going for a walk! I realized that I’ve been anticipating this birthday for a couple of years now, and most acutely since January when I marked April 1 on my calendar. That was the day I could apply for Medicare, the right of passage for 65! That happened. I got my Medicare card. Now, the actual birthday seems humdrum. Driving to the Great Smoky Mountains to set up a five-day walk seems perfect!

I did receive a message yesterday, though, that reminded me of the kind of person I want to be – maybe for this next phase of my life! I reached out to a woman I had gifted my Walk For a Singing Heart in January. I had not heard from her, so I just sent a message to check in. She answered right away:

I’ve been a hiker a long time. But not the kind of hiker I am right at this moment. I hiked for miles and didn’t stop to smell the flowers and see the bees. It took a total body breakdown to realize I needed to slow down! Not just on the trail but in my life. These injuries have really shown me who I am. I couldn’t walk for almost 9 months! That lesson took a very long time to learn but alas it has been learned.💜

I’ve dedicated the past year to forgiveness, self love and healing.  I actually had a huge breakthrough last night with it and released it fully. I accepted that it was my creation, I stopped judging it and I thanked it because it brought me to where I am now. Not a coincidence that you are the person who started me on this healing path and you just wrote me. Thank you for your walking meditations they are wonderful.

Thank you for all you do. Keep sharing your talents with the world. I know it certainly helped me. Lots of love and always an open invite to come to Juicy Fruit Forest. When I grow and get huge I’ll hire you to do your healing walks here. ❤️ This dream of mine is on 🔥 fire!!! Much love to you!🥰

This affirmed for me that even when I don’t know it, I make a difference by giving what has helped me! By “being” the fulfillment I imagine, even if I don’t know the results. I can allow myself to know that you’re reading and receiving what I share even if I don’t hear from you!

My best birthdays have been the ones on which I give presents On this pivotal birthday, why not give what I most enjoy – taking a Walk for a Singing Heart! With this link, you go right to the download page, bypassing any sign-up or payment! It’s my gift!  I trust that you’ll receive it and use it, maybe even begin your own transformational journey! And maybe, you’ll let me know – or maybe you won’t and that’s ok too.

You may not have heard about Walk For a Singing Heart!  If not, go to “Take a Walk for a Singing Heart” first to read about it. (If you’re so inclined, you may, of course, purchase the program. If you do, you’ll be giving a gift to my friend, Michele Zehr’s Center for Earthbased Healing. That would be an awesomely generous birthday gift for me!) Read the details on the landing page here:

Take a Walk for a Singing Heart

Or, feel absolutely free to go straight to the download page and use Walk For a Singing Heart as my gift to you!

Here’s to you, Courageous Heartsinger! Happy Birthday!

Walk Audio Download Page

P.S. One way to do the Walk For a Singing Heart is to schedule a time when I can talk with you on the phone! That deepens the power of the walk, indeed! However, it’s perfect to use the tracks on your own.  I’ll be happy to schedule a time with you August 1st-4th and during the week of September 21st – 28th! If you email me this week, July 13th – 20th I may not answer right away, but go ahead and do it! Get out and let your heart sing!

In joy,



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