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July 9, 2019

Today, I was honored to play the boardgame, Satori, with two courageous women. We had a fantastic time discovering Old Stories and letting go of our attachment to having them. As always, the cards we picked and the game’s pathway provided each of us a unique and custom-made experience! We laughed, cried, felt our feelings, and ended at Satori feeling lighter, more valuable, and freed from our past!

One of us got sent three times to the square Spiritual Bypass!  We groaned and supported our new friend in following the instructions for that square:

“Feelings are important! Feel your feelings to continue. Tell the group how you really feel. Then move back 3 spaces.”

I like to use songs to support these kinds of energy shifts. There’s a perfect song for this one!

Karen Taylor Good’s song is perfect to jar loose stuffed feelings!  Sit quietly with eyes closed and listen. You’ll know when feelings come up because tears will well up.  That’s good! Do your best to allow them to flow. Feel your feelings to free yourself of the energy block that has been stuck, maybe for years!

Keep repeating the song until all the tears are finished.  Sometimes that can take a while.  For me, sometimes I’ve replayed a song as many as ten times before I can get through it without tears. That’s what we want – to flush out all the stuck emotion!

Need assistance with this?  Don’t want to be alone feeling your feelings?  Contact me, Regina Reiter, master of getting into feelings! That’s because I had a lot of feelings stuffed down for a lot of years!

Email me at  with the message “This is _____. I need support feeling my feelings”  I will get back with you ASAP.  It’s possible that I won’t be able to respond immediately, and I’m willing to trust Spirit to provide the perfect timing. I offer you one complementary support session for feeling your feelings. Then, we can schedule follow up sessions at my generous rates.

Or, you can go to my Contact Page:
o learn other ways to connect.

For now, listen here for this perfect song for feeling feelings!



Another link is on YouTube:

Here’s to feelings!

Regina Reiter

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