Wild Wind

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Barbara Hotz, Songwriter

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Wild Wind
by Barbara Hotz
Wild Wind miracle and mystery
spinner of history, yours and mine

Wild Wind calling us to journey
turning us outside in
Wild wild wind wild wild wind
she’s a wild  wind

Wild Wind calls me to be braver
safer than I’ve  ever been before
Wild Wind says come a little farther
calls me daughter and I come
I run to the Wild Wind
I am one with the Wild Wind
I am one with the Wild Wind
I run with the Wild Wind
Succumb to the Wild Wind
I am one with the Wild Wind

And now……….take the next step!

This song is the opening to Walk for a Singing Heart, a downloadable playlist of five songs and three meditations that guide you through a conscious transformation any time you hit an obstacle in your emotional path, your Inner Journey!

  • Awaken your physical senses
  • Energize your “nonsenses”
  • Lighten your step by dropping emotional baggage

Let Wild Wind begin your journey here:

Walk for a Singing Heart

3 Replies to “Wild Wind”

  1. Hi Regina,

    Its Laura from FB and Landmark. Please put me on your subscription list. I am interested in the Clearing the path audios…

    It looks like you are doing wonderful things.

    <3 Laura

  2. Hi, Gina,
    I love the idea of receiving coloring supplies! But I couldn’t find more information? I like that blog about the boy who finds you every year for 3 years. You go, Girl!

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