Five Essentials to A Radiantly Fulfilling Walk

Regina has walked over 10,000 miles on long-distance trails, including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Benton MacKaye Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, Vermont Long Trail, Foothills Trail, Buckeye Trail, Continental Divide Trail, New England Trail, and Oregon Coast Trail. She has some ideas about how to plan and fulfill a long walk! Virtually any aspect of walking, she’s concluded, fits into one of five categories: Regina’s five essentials to a radiantly fulfilling walk of any length.

Consider these, then click the link below to read the details to help create your own fulfilling walk!

  • Know your trail
  • Consider your timing
  • Love your gear
  • Magnetize support
  • Nourish your Inner Journey

Are you planning a long walk? Don’t miss planning with Regina’s Five Essentials for Creating a Radiantly Fulfilling Walk!

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Five Surprising Essentials for Crafting YOUR Successful Walk of the Appalachian Trail

Put Yourself in this Picture!
Put Yourself in this Picture!


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