Hi. I’m Regina Reiter and I’m a long distance hiker with a passion for helping women
walk the Appalachian Trail as a pilgrimage.

Here’s my story:

It’s 2007, and I’m in Wind Gap, PA, at mile 910 on my southbound trek of the Appalachian Trail.  I’ve just walked into a convenience store and I meet a woman who says, “Are you hiking the Appalachian Trail?  I’ve always wanted to do that but my boyfriend doesn’t want me to.”

At that moment, my vision of helping women move aside all their excuses
and accomplish their own walks – the walks of their dreams – lights a fire in my
heart.  I want to snatch her up and take her along.  “You’ve got to do this walk!
It’s phenomenal.  It’s beautiful.  It’s challenging.  It’s rewarding!”

Since then, I’ve been moving aside my own resistances, obstacles, and challenges
to bring this vision into reality.  Business creation has been my own wilderness, but
I’m taking it on with the same step-by-step fashion as I took on the Trail. The
fact that you’ve found this website indicates that I’ve transformed my own shyness
and self-doubts as the 4th child of ten who would always tell myself, “What I have to say makes no difference in the world because I don’t matter.”

My current endeavor – to help at least 22 women walk the Appalachian Trail by 2022 –
is my next project in a line of jobs and careers that have had one desire in common –
to spend as much time outdoors as possible!  I’ve been a Girl Scout Leader, a Biology
student, an outdoor education program director, a canoe camp counselor, park interpretive specialist, the
mother of  three sons, a summer camp Naturalist, Native Plant Garden Assistant, Homeschool Biology and Science Teacher, and now, long-distance hiker.  Oh yes, there was a short season as a classroom teacher in a Waldorf school, but that only lasted 6 months.  Outdoors is where my heart, my skills, and my creativity thrive.

Getting out there professionally has taken me on a journey of Radical Forgiveness
and working with Colin Tipping, creator of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness to
become a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach.  Blending that easy, quick, and
practical approach to personal transformation with walking in Nature makes my
heart sing and gave me my success as a long-distance hiker.

And believe me, I’ve had plenty of Radical Forgiveness to do in my family, my
Waldorf Community, my marriage, and in my relationship with people in general!
Most of the time, I’d rather be hiking with my favorite hiking partner on a long
trail, but I love making a difference for others as well.  Balancing the two is my
life’s work!

Are you yearning to fulfill your own dream of walking with a purpose? Contact me today, and let’s get started!

email: regina@forgivenesswalks.com

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