We Love Regina and Forgiveness Walks

From Claudia

This is my testimonial for Regina Reiter



I am Gina’s (sic.) sister. And I think that a testimonial from a sister holds a lot of weight because I’m just learning to be open with my biological family, and with my sisters and with Gina. I find that every time I call her when I’m unhappy about something, that she is more and more skillful each time. I am feeling more and more safe and confident that I won’t be judged.  Our sister history is totally put aside and she is present, skillful and compassionate and non-judgmental, and that’s what I’m really yearning for when I’m suffering.

She’s transforming a competitive sister relationship to a very compassionate, skillful one, and a reliable one and so I’m so grateful.

And she’s even younger than me! (And that’s my competitive streak showing up!)

That’s my testimonial!


From Sara

So glad I played Satori!

Big smiles here, thank you-and yes, big yes, to creating more together-whatever that looks like!  Every time I am around this Radical Forgiveness work, it truly inspires me to want to go deeper with the work.

And it is you have opened me to the gateway of Radical Forgiveness.

You are a gem.


From Mary

A mutual friend demanded that I get to know Regina when I was attempting to train my uncooperative body to go on a hiking trip in Scotland with my son.  My friend could see that Regina had the skills to assist me on preparing my body for the trail. She could also see that Regina had the knowledge and ability to assist me with uncovering whatever I had in my past that would emotionally, mentally, and spiritually block me from making the breakthroughs needed to complete this memorable trip.  Indeed, Regina’s and my relationship became one of looking for the source of joy in the Inner Journey that is found when sometimes looking for something else.  Regina’s unique, calm, unassuming presence and comments would knock my socks off.  She was always supportive, always loving, always encouraging, and always looking for what she could provide for me.



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