The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness

Use this easy, 10-minute verbal process to shift your energy fast!

When you’re upset, judging others, feeling stuck or trapped or limited in any way, pop this audio into a player and check inside to transform that trouble into a blessing.

There’s nothing to analyze or figure out. That’s what Spirit does when you surrender to this process of being open that there’s a purpose in your upset, even if you don’t know what it is!

It works great while you walk! Walk off your upset and feel energized, open to new possibilities, and closer to your loved ones.

Ready for a miracle?

Listen now and say, “Yes!” to the thirteen steps.

Download the 13 Steps Process here.

OR here:

Written by Colin Tipping and shared with his permission and encouragement.

Spoken by Regina Reiter, certified Radical Forgiveness coach and developer of Forgiveness Walks.
may you have vibrant energy, fulfilling relationships, and freedom
from your past and walk into YOUR dream.


  1. Thank you for this gift. I’ve used for both a recent hurt, and one long in the past. It worked for both. I realized I have Lots to work on, but will continue to practice this as I strive to grow in peace.

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