Take a Walk for a Singing Heart

What’s a Walk for a Singing Heart?

It’s a guided walk that helps you

  • Love yourself just the way you are
  • Gently touch buried feelings from the past
  • Let those feelings go – safely with loving support
  • Feel lighter in your step
  • Be open to a new perspective on an “Old Story”
  • Have vibrant energy
  • Have fulfilling relationships
  • And more!







How does it work?

When you purchase a Walk for a Singing Heart, you schedule your walk with Regina Reiter, certified Radical Forgiveness Coach. Regina developed Walk for a Singing Heart to help courageous people, ready to get unstuck in their emotional lives really MOVE that stuck energy.

On your walk, you will meet with Regina by phone at your scheduled time over the course of 2-3 hours. Using recorded audio tracks of beautiful songs and guided visualizations alternating with short conversations with Regina, you will walk in your own location.

You can do your walk in any location that suits you, from your own backyard to a path in a natural area. You’ll need a good phone connection and an mp3 player. That’s it!

Schedule your walk today!


Simply download the tracks in order as a playlist, take it out on your walk and listen on your own!  Use it whenever there’s an obstacle in your path, particularly an emotional one! Clear your path any time with these delightful, easy, and practical songs and meditations.

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Forgiving Hurricane Katrina


Uncork Bottled Up Feelings

  • Let your Wild Wind call you
  • Awaken your physical senses
  • Energize and balance your “nonsenses”
  • Clear your path of emotional obstacles
  • Lighten your load by dropping emotional baggage

Investment Options

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