Benton MacKaye Trail

2013 Winter Walk on the Benton MacKaye Trail

Synopsis: In January, 2013, Regina returned to the Benton MacKaye Trail for a second winter thruhike. This time, she was prepared for the winter conditions with sufficient gear and a partner, John L, who joined her for the whole walk.

Highlights included an icy ford of Enlow Creek, a two-day camp between flooded Loss Creek and Towhee Creek, and an ice-covered trail on our final descent from Springer Mountain to the Len Foote Hike Inn.

Enjoy this short slide show of Regina’s fourth seasonal thru-hike.

2010 Winter Walk on the Benton MacKaye Trail

Synopsis: Regina and John R walked the 100-mile BMT section through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park together. In the high elevations, they encountered 6-8″ of wet snow, with new snow falling during one day.

One highlight was the crossing of Deep Creek. Regina had planned for this river ford where the bridge was out by making lightweight waders. They worked great both to ford the icy water and to wear in the wet snow.

After two nights at the Fontana Dam Resort, John had to leave the trail and go back to work in Atlanta. Regina walked on alone, with a forecast of snow in the mountains, for another two days. The snow hit, and Regina hunkered down under her tarp waiting for the Cherohala Skyway to be cleared for travel and for Brenda Harris, trailangel, to pick Regina up. She had discovered that she lacked optimum gear for solo camping in the frigid, snowy conditions and left the trail, completing her third seasonal hike of the Benton MacKaye Trail at mile 124.

Enjoy this 7-minute silent slide show of this Winter Walk.

Regina’s  2010 Spring Walk on the
Benton MacKaye Trail 

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