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Thanks for joining me in a Walk for a Singing Heart!


First Step: Download your Audios and User’s Guide using the links below.

Second Step: Schedule your Walk with Regina by sending an email to forgivenesswalks@gmail.com

Here’s your Download Page for Regina’s “Walk for a Singing Heart/Walk into Your Dream” Audio Program! There are two parts to this program:

  • User’s Guide PDF

  • 8 Audio Tracks

You’ll want to download both parts. Read through the User’s Guide to prepare for your walk, then download the audio tracks on your portable mp3 player as a Playlist, so the tracks play in the order in which they are listed below for a smooth, transformational walk! 

Enjoy it! 

To save these 8 files, right click and choose “Save As” and choose a location to save them

Walk for a Singing Heart Audio User’s Guide PDF


Audio Tracks

#1 Wild Wind
Click here to download…
#2 Awakening the Senses
Click here to download…

#3 Wells of Ireland

Click here to download…

#4 Energizing the NonSenses/Rainbow Energy Walk

Click here to download…

#5 No Compass
Click here to download…
#6 The Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness
Click here to download…
#7 Perfect Love
Click here to download…

#8 There’s Enough
Click here to download…

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