Katahdin Sojourn


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  1. Regina, This is gorgeous-photos, music, and what it represents: Holy Spirit You are Love. Your life matters and now you have found a way to express it as the woman of value God created you to be. Authentic. Free. Living in the abundance of what you enjoy most. Thank you for blessing me and others as you leave this as a piece of your legacy while empowered to do even more!

  2. What an inspiration. Such beauty and peace. Peace be with you as you continue to help others forgive and learn for find the blessings in their daily lives. Regina, keep up the good work and don’t be surprised if you see me coming to meet you on a trail one of these days.

  3. I am so happy for you, Regina. You ROCK! I love that you are living your passion! You are awesome! Loved your video and website…Peace, Peace, Peace

  4. Perfect Love has been used for contemplative dance and now hiking! Such a Spirit inspired tune and lyric. I only associate with it as the receiver. I am constantly reminded that we are always able to receive Grace in equal measure to our openness. Thank you Regina for this beautiful pairing and for the gift you are, your courage and your willingness to always be present to What Is.

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