Play Satori and Awaken
Play YOUR awakening!

The objective of the game is to awaken to the possibility that things happen in our lives for a spiritual purpose. We attract unfortunate stories that give us upsets and blocks. Satori, in a fun way, helps you open to the idea that you learn and grow through having these kinds of experiences. You’ll take a journey from Victim Land to Satori, which is a place of awakening to this new perspective. Satori provides a safe, fun, and surprising format to become aware and empowered in your ability to shift things by simply being willing to see this new perspective – that things happen for a reason.

It’s a lot easier to  play it than explain it!

“Satori” means “Awakening”

That’s what happens in this surprising board game, designed to take a journey through a Radical Forgiveness energy shift.

Watch this 5-minute video to see this surprising game in action!

And here, Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness, explains the game:

You can play Satori!

  • In person
  • By phone
  • With your own game!


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Train with Regina to host Satori games yourself! With Regina’s Satori Hosting Course, you’ll learn the structure of the game, what to do at each landing space, how to begin and end the game, AND Regina’s creative ways to play.

Course includes:
* Over two hours of instructions and tips
* Two months of personalized coaching with Regina
* Free Teleplay games for course participants
* Q & A Live calls to get all your questions answered!
* Plus more bonuses and invitations!

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