Outer Journey

Meet the Mountains Technique

Stop huffing and puffing and walk up mountains with ease and joy!

Use this technique that Regina developed over her thousands of miles of climbing mountains to help you focus on balancing your stepping with your breathing, making each step EASY so that the mountain before you unfolds in a continuous path of easy steps until you find yourself at the top of the mountain! This 22-minute audio is a recording of Regina teaching Diane live, including questions, comparing Meet The Mountains with the Rest Step, and suggestions for practicing. The audio wraps up with Barbara Hotz, Regina’s music muse, singing Wild Wind. Enjoy! Click here to learn more

Fabulous Foods for Backpacking

Being on the trail doesn’t mean you have to eat like Grizzly Adams! Regina shares and demonstrates how to make some of her favorite backpacking foods like:

  • Flax Flatbread,
  • Tomato Sauce,
  • Pumpkin Pie,
  • Fresh Pineapple,
  • and more!

Click here to learn more.