Turn Your Troubles Into Blessings Through the Power of Nature Walks

Regina’s Journey

"The true spirit of my walks is to be a courageous heartsinger, feeling the inner radiance, joy and satisfaction that comes from recognizing, heeding and fulfilling my heart's calling. When I do, I feel really good being in my own body and in my own life. I express myself confidently, beautifully and easily with a healthy self-love that radiates out to all humanity with joyful purpose and prosperity." -- Regina Reiter

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Outer Journey

Long hikes, such as hiking the Appalachian Trail (aka the AT) require preparation. Learning to breath correctly, food preparation, carrying the proper gear and getting in shape are essential. Regina offers expert advice, videos and resources here.

Inner Journey

The outer journey is a metaphor for the inner journey you will take as you walk.  As a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Regina combines her trail guide experience to offer you a unique holistic inner and outer journey. Get ready for a transformational experience! Read more here.