Walking Boosts Brainpower

I love to walk! Those of you who know me would not be surprised to hear me confirm this. My day just hasn’t begun until I’ve walked. That’s why I am passionate about walking long distances in Nature, as on the Appalachian Trail. But why?  Why walk?  Why might I be so attracted to walking?  For a while, I didn’t even try to answer this question.  I just knew I had to walk!

Walking into my dream of “walking in service to others”, however, nudged me to research the questions, “what are the scientific benefits of walking?”

Well, thanks to the scientists who are willing to stand still long enough to do studies with test subjects and data collecting and analysis, the conclusion that walking is beneficial has been officially drawn!

Walking boosts brainpower!

Read all about it here in this article posted in my friend, Dr. Stephanie O’Brien’s, newsletter:

Walking Boosts Brainpower

While you read this, I’m going for a walk!

Come join me when you’re finished reading, knowing without a doubt that walking is good for you!


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