Using the tools is like unclogging a toilet

Using the ForgivenessWalks Tools is like Unclogging the Toilet

When the toilet is stopped up I don’t walk around wondering why, or blaming the toilet for getting clogged.  I don’t say, “This shouldn’t be happening! Why did I ever think I wanted a toilet? Maybe since it’s not working, I should abandon toilets altogether.   Maybe I’m just not cut out to have a toilet because mine is giving me trouble.”  I don’t stop in my tracks and say, “If I were a better person, or a better homeowner, my toilet would not get clogged. Successful homeowners don’t get clogged toilets. Never have, never will.”

No! I grab a plunger and get to work! Simple. I use the tools.

Turning troubles into blessings is like that. It’s simple really.  Use the tools. I use the tools of ForgivenessWalks every day!  That’s because, unlike my toilet, which rarely gets clogged, my life is a constant stream of troubles.  Sometimes big ones, mostly little ones.  Now, you might be thinking that I’m a pessimist, seeing my life as a constant stream of troubles.  Actually, I’m quite positive, creative, and optimistic. And that’s because I’m constantly using the tools to turn those troubles into blessings!  So, the blessings dominate!

What troubles am I talking about? Getting out of bed with a list of tasks too long to achieve in a day. Wondering if my husband loves me. Judging my worthiness as an entrepreneur. Not loving my body. Feeling alone and judging myself about that. Believing I don’t have enough money. Feeling unenergetic. Those troubles.  Those little messages of separation from bliss and joy and flow.

That’s like the toilet being plugged up!

That’s when I reach for the tools!

1. I walk! Get my blood flowing. Awaken my Senses.

2. I activate my Nonsenses. I bring energetic color to my seven rainbow energy centers.

3. I do the 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness.

And voila!  My energy flows. I realize answers to my questions. My body feels good. And, the big blessing is that I love myself just as I am!  Works every time.

And it’s just as quick and easy as plunging the toilet!

Simple, practical, effective.

Whoosh!  There goes the clog! I have more energy, better relationships, and freedom from the past.

Get your ForgivenessWalks toolbox today!


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