Reflections on Reading Jill’s Story

I want MY outcome to be like Jill’s in Jill’s Story! It’s the story of Jill, Colin Tipping’s sister, whose marriage is saved when she does Radical Forgiveness.  I first read it seven years ago when my unhappy marriage was trapping me so much that I was willing to do something about it. Passionless and unexpressive and lacking the companionship I craved, I embarked on my journey with Radical Forgiveness. I did forgive myself and start living and expressing what makes my heart sing.  But, for me, instead of getting closer, we drifted apart.  Even though we both did worksheets and played Satori, we didn’t grow in love. Today, I’m sitting in a divorce attorney’s office, believing that our path to joy is through this process.

And here lies the gift in the situation. I’m realizing that when I stood on the marriage altar, I wasn’t loving myself. I was in love with the myth that saying “I do” would guarantee everything that I was pouring into it. My beliefs at the time were that I’d always have a companion. I’d be financially secure. My husband would love me just the way I am.

Well, those didn’t come true. And what Radical Forgiveness taught me is that no matter what happens on the outside, it’s mirroring something inside perfectly.  And that perfection is a spiritual one, not a human one. Or, it’s giving me an opportunity to learn and grow.  Or, suggesting my mission in life.

What I’m opening to now, using the tools of Radical Forgiveness, is that we don’t always get what we want from a human perspective, but what we get is surely what we need from a spiritual perspective.

Read Jill’s Story yourself here.

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