Surrounding ourselves with Roses!


Create an Energy Rose

I’ve been indulging in fields of roses this week in the third week of Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES. Mine are always Pink, a deep “rose” pink. The best part is that they are absolutely free! And I can have as many as I want, fragrance and all!

These are Energy Roses that I create in my imagination to catch any low vibrations or “negative” energy coming from others, from dangerous situations, or even from myself!  When I surround myself with Roses, there’s more Light and Love shining.

One Journeywoman reported that she had surrounded her entire camper with 5-foot wide velvet red roses while camping in a secluded area. She felt safe from the “monsters” she usually conjours up in the dark.

I put roses between me and my partner as we’re working through next steps in our relationship. Roses catch my fears and doubts about offering new programs in my business. Roses soften the conversations with my mom.

When might an Energy Rose be helpful in your journey?

Notice when there seem to be unsettled or confrontational or unpleasant vibrations between you and another and use this quick and easy Rose Meditation to filter them out.

We’re rounding the last bend in the current Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES class, a four-week teleclass journey from VictimLand to Freedom. You can still walk along with us even if you’re just joining our group!

  • Discern your Old Story of Sabotage
  • Experience Feelings as a Gateway to Power
  • Flip the Energy Drain Switch
  • Create a New Story of Freedom, Vitality, and Fulfillment

Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES 

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