It is so very easy to continue on in the path we’ve chosen. It’s much easier. To change and do something out of the norm requires trust, faith, bravery. To defy what society tells us, especially as women, requires an even stronger will. Of all people, I should not be planning a long distance hike. I live on a very small fixed income. I have numerous physical/medical challenges, and my body is not in good shape. HOWEVER, I refuse to make any more excuses or reasons to not follow my dream. I refuse to wake up one day and wish I did something different. There are many things we cannot change, but our thinking is totally up to us. Everything else follows.”
-Diane Gilmore Saunders

Diane’s words send chills through my body!  Her wisdom rocks the Earth to the core and could be a clarion call for any woman who ever even dreamed of walking the Appalachian Trail. She’s a model for the vision I have for myself – to empower women to experience what Diane already has!

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