My ex, three sons and baby grandson all got together  this weekend – on the opposite shore of the country. I wasn’t there – and shouldn’t have been. At least, that’s what my current S.T.O.R.Y. (Sustained Tale Of Repressed Yearning) supports.

What a perfect situation for the steps of Radical Forgiveness: allowing my feelings to arise,

noticing my judgements, loving myself for having them, and being open to a new perspective.

That new perspective was suggested in a Satori Game that I played with a client a few days before the family visit.

Notice the beliefs shown in the photo. It was those New Stories that opened my eyes and heart, though!

Do you have an Old Story to tell? I’m here to listen! Schedule a 20-minute complementary Storytelling Session and feel lighter right away as I witness and validate your story! Click the link and choose a time that works for you.

OR write it out and email it to me.

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  1. Regina, Thank You!
    Last night I started rereading part of “Talking To My Selves” by Debbie Unterman, and that has brought me here. Colin Tipping commented on the back of the book, and that took me to Satori and Facebook, and to you.

    I am going to sign up for “Clearing the Path” and I thank for for this opportunity to get my feet wet. I’m hoping that Satori can be reprinted as I’m far more visual than auditory…so glad that there are folks, including you, devoted to both ways to play the game, as I think so many can benefit from what I understand of it. I also feel around $50 would be a fair price, as someone mentioned…worth a lot more but I’m on food stamps at present (one of the likely issues!). And “walking” would be another one!
    Blessings, kitty

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