Yesterday, I joined in

Isabel Parlett’s

class about successful writing.

What I got was
1. Start with Free Writing
2. Moooove to get started
3.Ask a big question then get started

So, I got started!

This morning, I wrote Free Hand on paper!

I was surprised at what came up. First was my resistance to starting out in a NEW notebook. I had already chosen to write free hand with a blue pencil.  How bold of me!  No digital work today. Freehand felt much, well, FREER!

I wrote about feelings and ideas, then launched a whole section on cost estimates for house improvements and pros and cons of whether to spend my time doing house projects or creating business products.

Now that all of that is out of my mind and on paper, I can let it go for a bit and focus on the tasks I had written down last night to be first on my TO DO list.

Free writing did free me up a bit!

How about you? What’s your relationship with writing?

Write your comments about writing, below.

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