What’s YOUR Wilderness?

A call from three friends who are climbing Mt. Katahdin, Maine evokes some emotion! Wow! I wish I were doing something easy like that today! Instead, I’m struggling with autoresponders, sign-up forms, and digital design which is hard for me.

Then, the light bulb goes on!

When I climbed Mt. Katahdin at the beginning of my walk of the Appalachian Trail, I struggled. I balked at the immense boulders that faced me on the ascent. I feared for my safety as I shivered in the cold. I reached outside my comfort zone to ask another hiker to walk together down the mountain.

It was definitely not easy! I questioned decision to talk that long walk. You can see in this picture my stress and concern.

Concern about hypothermia dampened my spirits
Cold and Concerned on Mt. Katahdin








And then, I mastered the wilderness of living on the trail for 7 months. I accomplished my goal of walking the Appalachian Trail. I celebrated at Springer Mountain feeling vibrant, safe, and competent.Regina's victory on Springer Mountain

I did it! Springer Mountain Victory


Now, starting a business to share the tools of Radical Forgiveness through walking, helping women walk into their dreams, is my wilderness.  It’s unknown. It’s outside my comfort zone. It’s calling on new skills I have yet to master. I don’t always like what I need to do. I don’t know if I’ll accomplish my goal.

Still, I take the steps. I keep going. Small successes dot my way. My goal of helping 22 women walk the Appalachian Trail as a pilgrimage calls me forth through the wilderness.  And I’m staying on the path.

What’s YOUR wilderness?

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