Celebrating Lessons Learned

Celebrating Lessons Learned

This morning I was looking through old teaching materials to find a program I wanted to send to a friend who is a new teacher.  I found it!  My Acclimatization Lesson Plans. This is a binder of specific Nature walks that I had at my side constantly as a new nature interpreter 35 years ago.

What came to my mind was “I don’t need these any more. This way of teaching is so ingrained in my fabric that it comes naturally. I can make up my own walks and sensory awareness activities at the drop of a hat with people of any age! After my walks, I get comments like, “I’ll never look at Nature the same.  You changed my life!”
I realized that I  have mastered this method of using sensory experiences as gateways to conceptual learning and that I don’t even remember that I once had to learn that myself!

Then, the light bulb went off. “Maybe someday it will be like that with marketing Forgiveness Walks and Radical Forgiveness and doing that prosperously! Maybe someday this work will be so ingrained in my fabric that I won’t even remember I had to learn business skills and take notes and be instructed and have my steps all written out so I could do them smoothly.”

In that moment, I really integrated the idea that learning anything is always gradual and progressive and after I practice it for a while I forget that I had to learn it. Moreover, while I’m learning it I wonder, “How can I ever be good at this? I’m just not good enough!”

That’s just not true.

I’m sure that I don’t need the Acclimatization Lesson Plans book to deliver a superior and memorable Nature walk. I now declare that I am on the path to mastering marketing skills as well.

What’s your area of mastery that you’ve ingrained? Where are you a novice?

Leave your comments below.

P.S. No comments section? Guess what?  That’s one area of mastery I’m still working on!  If there’s no comments section, please send me an email at regina@forgivenesswalks.com

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