Remembering My First Worksheet

I just joined a community of people trying out Radical Forgiveness for the first time.  My first worksheet was done about eight years ago! I haven’t stopped since because they work, like magic really.

There I was, standing on the Appalachian Trail just a few miles from the Tennessee/North Carolina border. I was there with my husband feeling one with my pack and excited about embarking on this month-long walk together. My mind was at peace. The upset and readiness to abandon the whole trip just 10 days before, had been turned into a blessing!

Instead of just one support person for my teenage son during our hike, I had 20! What a blessing! It all happened when I did that worksheet, thanks to my sister. I had been whining that my friend who had agreed to support my son had backed out. “This always happens to me! People say they’re going to help me and then they don’t!  That’s my life!”

So I answered the silly questions on the worksheet, soothed that someone was validating my pain, and by the end, I felt better.  Within 30 minutes, I had an idea about some other people who might help. I called them.  They said yes.  It was working already.

The next day,  another mom in our homeschool math class said she’d love to have him. “We need another teenager in our house.”

The week before our hike unfolded like that with surprising friends getting added to the list, including a single woman with no children who teaches college.  She said, “I like your son! I’ll check in once a week and bring him dinner or take him out”.  She even took him to a concert one night. It enriched her life, she reported later.

That worksheet sure showed me how a trouble could be turned into a blessing.  What I had contrived originally actually turned out better on the heels of the upset.

And now, I use worksheets,  or the even quicker audio version of the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness, all the time to shift into the love vibration instantly.  Don’t get me wrong! My life isn’t all walks in the park.  In fact, I’ve got some pretty big challenges. However, by quickly raising my vibration, I step into my power, share with other people, and get creative.

The biggest benefit for me of Radical Forgiveness, however, is that I love myself more. And when that’s happening, I’m a much happier, productive, and energetic person!

Try it out today!

The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness



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