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My sister sent me the announcement of Pete Seeger’s passing. You know, he’s one of those pure souls who will live forever because he was willing to get out there and share. I don’t know if Pete Seeger was scared to get out there, but he sure made a bright spot in the world with his songs. He made some pretty bold political statements too, got in trouble for it, and kept singing.

He kept singing until he couldn’t sing anymore. And then, he spoke the words and invited his audience to sing them. His songs are so easy to sing that just about anyone can sing them, and this he gave us all a voice!

Childhood campfires were a lot more fun with “If I Had a Hammer”, “Where have all the Flowers Gone”, and “This Land is Your Land.” His songs were easy to sing, yet had deep, poignant meaning. He gave words to inner yearnings that made speaking up a little easier. Who wouldn’t join in with “And on the other side, it didn’t say nothin’, that side was made for you and me” and feel good about protesting?

Today, in memory of Pete Seeger, I’m stepping out a little bit myself to share some of my inner yearnings with one of his songs in my own voice. I believe that’s the best way to honor him. What I like best about this song is that it talks about showing something if myself to my brothers and sister, something I’ve always been scared to do.

So, in honor of Pete Seeger, my siblings, and a new story for myself, here’s my rendition of

“Oh, Had I a Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger


Do you get scared to step out and share your voice?
Perhaps you have a story of unworthiness that keeps repeating itself in your life so often that you believe that it’s the only way your life can go. Would you like to create a new story for your life – one of freedom, authentic expression, and success?

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