Shirley Valentine

Burdened by the weight of Unused LifeI had the delight to see my future daughter-in-law, Teralyn Tanner, perform beautifully as “Shirley Valentine”, in this one-woman play by Willy Russell. The play was surprisingly similar to my own Life!

Trapped in her middle class housewife life, Shirley breaks free, realizing that “There’s so much Unused Life!” She laments that people get bogged down, and live as dead after middle age, “All weighted down by the burden of their Unused Life!” What a poignant metaphor.  It’s not that we’re just empty and lifeless if we don’t manifest our dreams, saddened and unmotivated by the fear of going after what we really want, relinquishing our dreams for the safety and comfort of resignation. No, Shirley observes, we are actually weighted down by the Unused Life.  I just love that metaphor – Unused Life!

Maybe I’ll call my new class: Shirley Valentine!!

What Shirley embodies is exactly what we’ll be discovering, loving, and letting go in a fabulous class all about our STORIES, those burdens of unused life that weigh us down.

Don’t worry! We’ll be as FREE as Shirley at the end of the four-week class and I’ll be making it easy for you to discern those stories, love them just as they are, turn off the switch to their energy drain, and fashion a New Story – just like Shirley does.

Join Us!

Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES 


Want more on Shirley Valentine? Here’s a DVD of this charming play:

Shirley Valentine DVD

OR, if you’re in the Charleston, SC area in the spring, you can catch Midtown Theatre’s live production starring Teralyn Tanner at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival

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