Stepping into a Dream


This is my favorite view in my Ridgerunning Section on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve been by this spot over a dozen times now in my four seasons of working here.

Today, I’m recalling the first time I snapped a photo of the vista.  My dream of walking in service to others was new then!  How I have stepped since then!

My confidence in my message is stronger.
I have clear products to produce.
I have successful clients!
I have a Satori Host Training series.
I am single.
I have invested cash instead of a house. read more

Lily Lesson


Canada lilies are blooming on the Appalachian Trail in central Virginia. Now is their time!

And so for me, my divine vocation, my service.

Hmm. I’m considering that one difference between me and the lily is that I must answer my divine call through focused action. The lily is divine will in action. I, as human, get to co-create.

May my actions be as perfect and purposeful as a lily’s.

Play into awakening to Purpose

Walking is My Bliss

I love to walk in the mountains of Virginia on the Appalachian Trail. It matters not up or down. When walking in these mountains, I feel whole. I feel blessed. I feel abundant. I feel purposeful

When walking in these mountains, I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally true to myself. I’m not thinking of other things I would rather be doing.

This is my definition of authentic self expression. This would be my life purpose, my calling.

I have come to believe, acknowledge, and now act upon walking as my God-given vocation, acting as if this is not just my preference but my natural occupation whose fulfillment is designed by God. My job is to surrender to my vocations’s expression, trusting that how I am to manifest this expression in a prosperous way will be communicated by God as I continue my walking. read more

A Radical Moment

I’m in the self-checkout area in Wal-mart. A little girl is screaming. Her mom is livid while feverishly punching buttons, pulling out cash.
Twenty bystanders are holding their breath.
At that moment I shift that world of breathless bystanding, thinking, “I matter. I believe in fulfillment of love in each moment.”

You see, the night before I had let go of the belief, “I don’t matter”, in a Satori game. In addition, all week I  had been distilling my “why” to a fundamental belief in “fulfillment”. Could I act on that right now, in this moment, with these people? In this place? read more

Why I Want to Stay Alive

My brother chose to leave this physical life a few months ago or so it appears. I honor him and accept his choice. Although I don’t know his reasons or what he was trying to leave, it inspires me to discern my own journey through frustration in a miserable marriage.

There I was, feeling trapped in a relationship fraught with criticism, dispassion, emotional abuse, betrayal, loneliness, and boredom. I blamed myself for choosing it. Had I not created it all myself out of my own self-hatred, as I was learning in my Radical Forgiveness training? read more

Satori and New Friends

Satori, the Radical Forgiveness board game, keeps fulfilling me – and surprising me too! Yesterday I played with a friend I’ve met while doing my Ridgerunning job on the Appalachian Trail for the past four summers. We finally got a chance to play! What impressed me this time was how compatible the game is to people of all faiths and expressions of the Divine. Even though her words to describe the Divine Power, forgiveness, and the balance of right and wrong are different than those in the game, she could see that Radical Forgiveness is a universal tool and language for something we can all use, no matter what we believe!
Thanks, Rachael!
Play Satori soon! read more

Nomadic Partner

Among the many questions in my new nomadic life is this one: Do I remain solo?
Ironically, what motivated my wusband to go through with divorce was my partnering with another man in my hikes. Now that I am legally single, however, partnering seems daunting.

In choosing a life partner, there’s potential sharing of big items like a car, a house, phone service,  even bank accounts.
When I married at twenty-five, with a small bank account, no home, no job, and a low-valued car, it was easy to join up with my lover and move into the house he bought and start working on it. We stepped right into those traditional roles of breadwinner and homemaker without thought of financial parity. In the divorce, he would have gladly sent away with the same dependent amount, except that even he had to agree that there was monetary value in my 30 years of childrearing, home remodeling, food prep, and landscaping. read more

Business or Ministry or???

How I structure this “project” of creating a wave of radical forgiveness along the Appalachian Trail corridor is a question I’ve been turning over and over.

Do I give away my services as a coach, freely sharing the energy-shifting tools,  seats at Satori games, places in Circle Ceremonies, trip planning articles and calls, speaking engagements, food preparation lessons, tarp-making instructions? I could ask for donations, or simply rely on the good graces of my benefactors or on The Universe to provide my needs. read more