Something from Nothing

“T” AT THE Discount Groceries store in Spencerville is asking me.
With that simple question, I realize that a miracle had occurred. I had witnessed my thoughts becoming reality. I, or I in co-creation with God and a couple of women, had created something out of nothing. As an explorer of the Law of Attraction, I am getting better at noticing simple moments like this as proof that what shows up in my life reflects my thoughts.
Let me back up a bit in the story.
My hiking partner and I had walked most of the day in wind and rain along the historic Miami-Erie Canal towpath that forms the Buckeye Trail in Ohio. As we approached Spencerville, a small rural town, we talked about what we wanted to create there. John had Googled on my smart phone and learned that there’s  the Top Hat Supermarket and a Subway sandwich shop.
“No hotel, no library”. He says.
We imagine sitting down and relaxing with a hot drink for an hour or so at Subway, then picking up food for supper at the supermarket and continuing on the towpath trail for a few more hours before dark.
What actually happened turned out differently, and. well, miraculously!
“We’re looking for a place we can sit down and have a hot drink,” I tell the deli clerk at the Top Hat Supermarket. She ponders a minute. “There’s the café, Oh, but that’s closed at this time of day.”
“I understand there’s a Subway.” I suggest.
“Oh yes, that’s a couple of blocks from here.” She gives me directions.
Our vision of sitting down in a warm spot with a hot drink glows in our minds. I can feel the warmth in my body and relaxation in my tired legs. I imagine the typical Subway with its vegetable themed wallpaper and wood themed tables and booths.
We reach Subway. It’s an in-store counter at the gas station. I’m disapIpointed but I look around the back wall for the seats that must be there. “It’s a Subway!” I insist silently.
Warm inside, yes. Subway sandwich counter, yes. Seats, no.
I talk with the clerk, “We’re looking for a place to sit down with a hot drink.”
“She thinks, “There’s the café, but it’s closed from 2 to  4”  It’s 2:15.
“Do you want something inside? There are tables outside.”   “Yes It’s rainy and cold and we’ve been walking all day. Inside would be great.”
I quip, “Spencerville, the town with no place to sit down!”
I remind myself to keep my focus on receiving  what I want, feeling how good it will feel to sit down with a hot drink on a seat.
“You could try the bowling alley.  I don’t know when that’s open, though.”
The bowling alley is closed.
The other gas station has no seats either.
“Well, let’s go back to the supermarket, buy a few things, and walk on.”
“There’s this discount groceries place, let’s go in there.”
It’s a warehouse lined with shelves in tight rows filled with mostly outdated dry goods. I strike up a conversation with a woman at the checkout   who shares that she loves shopping there.
“We’re just wanting to sit down for a bit,” We’re walking around Ohio on the Buckeye Trail.”.

“There are plenty of places in Delphos!” she smiles.
It’s 8 miles further on the trail. “I’d give you a ride, “But that would be cheating, right?”  She’s got our story!

We find a few items in the store, checking the expiration dates on the boxes: soup, beans, cereal, a bottle of v8 Fusion.’
“We’;ll drink that before we leave.” We don’t want to carry the bottle.
We ask the owner, Amy, “Is it ok if we stand over here by the grocery carts and drink this before we go?”
“Oh sure!” she chimes, “That’s fine!”
Gratitude swells and we open up the juice and drink it in. The sweet, warmish liquid washes comfortably down my throat.
Then the miracle happens.
T, Amy’s sister in law, says, “Would you like a chair? We’ve got a couple in the office.”
She brings out a wooden folding chair, and then wheels out Amy’s cushy office chair. “This is getting better. It’s like a throne!”
We sit for just a few minutes, but that moment shines like gold.
“What do you want to create in Spencerville?”
“A warm place to sit down with a hot drink.”
I realize that we had received something even better than the usual Subway we had imagined.
A couple of warm hearts who had helped us create something out of nothing.

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