Thank you for the honor of Your Story

In a previous post I encouraged you to share your story with me. As I have read your offerings, pure and raw and heartfelt, I am filled with humility and honor. I applaud your COURAGE to touch into those places that are usually stuffed down, put aside for later, and kept in the shadows.

It is with reverence that I witness and validate your stories.

“I’m sorry that happened to you.” And I really mean that. I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience the pain, the hurt, the sadness, the separation that you have.

“Tell me more.”

I am here to receive your story and witness the suffering that you have experienced.

Stories are a valuable part of our human experience, and the more we are willing to acknowledge and honor our stories and love ourselves for having them, the more we can set the stage for letting go of the parts that we don’t want for our future.

Are you willing to love yourself having this story?

Saying “YES! I love myself having this story” makes a shift in your energy, opens up a space for a new possibility.

Can you say “Yes” to yourself having your story today?

Please comment below with your “yes” or “no”!

If you have not yet shared your story, send me an email to and I can witness and validate it for you – with reverence and honor.wpid-2013-07-07_14-46-51_565.jpg



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