Can “Bolder” be “Safer”?

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon and my alarm song plays. The clear voice of my friend, Barbara, sings,
Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before”

At that moment, I understand why I might have needed a daytime nap!

I’ve been stretching outside my comfort zone! Stepping boldly into my dream and my calling, trying new things every day, creating a new life and new friends every day!  Sometimes, like a new baby sleeping a lot because it’s growing a lot, I need to pull in and let the newness get integrated into my body!

And still, there’s that calling to fulfill my BIG dream – to guide and support 22 courageous heartsingers in a journey – a Journey to their HeartLand.

I’m reminded of that saying that we teach that which we need to know. That is so true for me!  I yearn to share the tools of Radical Forgiveness with others because they have been so crucial in my own transformation from a shy, unexpressed housewife to a long-distance walking, passionate entrepreneur. I use these tools every day because I NEED them to teach OTHERS how to use them!

Every day I use these tools that guide me through the five stages to Peace and Freedom:

  • Telling my story and loving myself for having it

  • Feeling all the feelings stuck in that story

  • Switching off the energy drain of that story

  • Receiving a new story

  • Integrating the shift in energy

When I do, Barbara’s words ring true because the more I step into something that feels true to my inner calling, the safer I feel in that calling!

“Wild Wind calls me to be braver, safer than I’ve ever been before.

Wild Wind says, ‘Come a little farther’, calls me “daughter” and I come.”

Listen here to Wild Wind

For me, someone who has a really BIG dream for humanity to awaken to our true nature, which is LOVE, within my lifetime, using these tools is not just a one-time thing, it’s a DAILY PRACTICE, a lifestyle.  And you thought that I’m just out walking trails? Well, you would be partially right! I’m out walking trails for inspiration, for physical stamina, for experiencing the diversity of God’s creation, yes all of that. In addition, walking in Nature provides a venue for my personal transformation from that shy, small-thinking homebody to a joyously prosperous paradigm shifter.

I’m waking up from my nap and from my old ways of thinking and being. Now, I’m offering you a venue for shifting some energy of your own, for transforming some old stories and trying out some new tools to support you in your OWN paradigm shifting.

It’s the Wild Wind Songfest in Atlanta, GA

Join me and Barbara on February 2 and answer YOUR call to be braver and safer than you’ve ever been before

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