PA Rocks

  • June 22, 2016
    So, we’re walking in Pennsylvania, on the Appalachian Trail, right? 230 miles of woods, ridges, rivers….and popularly known for its rocks.

And you know me, right? If I’m supposed to be experiencing rocks, rocks, and more rocks, I will notice the preponderance of smooth, soil padded rocks, right? Right!
Here you go!
And this..
And yes, there are some awesome, beautiful rock formations here in Pennsylvania, like this:
And this:

OK. So there are rocks in some places and not in others. If I walk carefully, stepping on the soil and not on the rocks, the dance of the trail unfolds one moment at a time.

I understand that the rocks in northern PA really ARE treacherous and ubiquitous! I’ll keep you posted!

In joy,

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