June 21, 2016

It’s a landmark day! It’s our 19th day on the trail, halfway through our days in this section. And, we passed our half way mark in mileage too! That happened at mile 1077.5 from Springer Mtn, GA, 215.5 miles for us from Rockfish Gap where we started on June 3.


A fledgling blue jay, flapping his way to freedom, reminds us to keep going as well! Half way!

In addition, it’s June 21, first day of summer (AND today is popular as Hike Naked Day).

Not only did this day feature all these noteworthy qualities, we also passed the half way point on this year’s Appalachian Trail. I say “this year” because the trail changes length just about every year as trail updating is done. Most rerouting makes the trail gentler in slope, thus longer in length.  This year’s half way point is at mile 1094.5


2016 AT Midpoint. And this is as naked as we’re gonna get! Staying cool in the heat!

We made a quick note of our 2007 midpoint, which for us would have been mile 1089, half of the 2178-mile length. On this year’s trail, our 2007 location is at mile 1100.2!  Pretty fascinating to play with this idea of the fluctuating trail.


Midpoint in 2007

In joy,

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