Oregon Coast Trail: Journal Anthology

September 29, 2019

“Done is better than perfect”

Read my Oregon Coast Trail anthology:
Oregon Coast Trail Beach Walking Discovery

Since John and I completed the Oregon Coast Trail and drove south through  California to Borrego Springs and our winter home at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, I’ve been compiling the blogposts that I wrote during our journey. I’ve edited the glaring errors caused by “autocorrect” and attempted to arrange the content and pictures in a book draft form.

It’s not perfect and I wanted to send it to you in case you’d like to read it as an anthology of my journal of the walk.   I’m willing to let this go for now because today I start my sixth season as Park Interpretive Specialist at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!  There will be plenty of projects to work on there!

Here’s the link for Oregon Coast Trail Beach Walking Discovery! As always, I would love to hear your responses! So, hit reply when you’re finished reading and comment or send me a quick email at regina@forgivenesswalks.com or even better a long email that shares what’s going on with you on your journey!  I walk in service!


In joy,


P.S. I you’re the proof reading and editing type, let me know! I can share an editable copy with you!


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  1. I read your post, and will not look at the overview compilation now. I followed your journey, pretty much, so I started looking around this site. Blog Posts….hmmm… 2019, 2018……. are there any from when she first started? when she was coaching me? After all, it is all about ME anyway… and there it was – August 2012. You were starting your hiking business and I was in the last few hikes with you before the Scotland trip. I am eternally grateful for your coaching, your partnership, your friendship then and since. Soar on, girlfriend!! Hugs, Mary

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