Oregon Coast Trail: Journal Anthology

September 29, 2019

“Done is better than perfect”

Read my Oregon Coast Trail anthology:
Oregon Coast Trail Beach Walking Discovery

Since John and I completed the Oregon Coast Trail and drove south through  California to Borrego Springs and our winter home at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, I’ve been compiling the blogposts that I wrote during our journey. I’ve edited the glaring errors caused by “autocorrect” and attempted to arrange the content and pictures in a book draft form.

It’s not perfect and I wanted to send it to you in case you’d like to read it as an anthology of my journal of the walk.   I’m willing to let this go for now because today I start my sixth season as Park Interpretive Specialist at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!  There will be plenty of projects to work on there! read more

Maine Ideas: Beginning

A new journey begins with …….
Not the usual view, I know. Before I could start adventuring anew on the Appalachian Trail, I had to sort my stuff! First, I left things in my Virginia storage unit. These are things from my past life as a homemaker that I must keep. Someday I will use them again or let them go.

Blue tote boxes stached three high

All my stuff stored in totes while I hike for three weeks!

Next, I borrowed totes from my sister and space from my mom in Ohio to store things I don’t need for hiking, but want for my NEXT journey in California.

Feelings of sadness, fear, and frustration arise. What if I NEED this? Like my computer? Feelings of gratitude that I have Mom and Simon, my son, to back me up with support. read more