July 4, 2019

I occasionally dedicate time to read the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July! Going to the original text arouses reverence for this day and why we celebrate it! This time I perused the list of readings as performances on YouTube. A worthy occupation for part of an hour! Have fun making your own choice. Here’s one I liked:

I also reflect on what freedom means to me, personally. I realize that at one level, I have been freed from the emotional tyranny of my misperceptions – of others’ thoughts, of my own abilities, of the powers of beliefs.

As a child, and indeed longer into adulthood than warranted, I believed ideas about myself that limited my freedom to express what was in my heart:

  • I don’t matter
  • There’s not enough
  • Life is hard
  • Happiness is dispensible
  • I am unacceptable

Just like the colonists, I lived under the tyrannical rule of these beliefs. My Declaration of Independence occurred at the end of summer in 2005 in a Miracles Workshop with Colin and JoAnn Tipping, author(s) of Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle. I found out during that weekend that the repressed feelings I had bottled up inside for decades had been stifling my joy, my love, my willingness to choose my innate passion as a profession!

Just as with the colonists, it took some fighting, thankfully without bloodshed, to become free of those limiting beliefs and misperceptions. And, frankly, it’s an ongoing endeavor. However, now I know there’s a method that works for me to do it, and that’s using the tools for Radical Forgiveness every day!

Today, I celebrate America’s freedom, indeed, I join the political fight to preserve the values the framers set out. I also celebrate my emotional independence and my new freedom to choose my thoughts, feelings, and emotions!

Join me!

Start here with the book, Radical Forgiveness!

The Book- Radical Forgiveness

To freedom!

In joy,



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