How to Forgive

How to Forgive

Even if we know that forgiveness is a good thing to do and has many benefits, how to do it isn’t so straightforward.  I’ve searched for answers about this and found the following articles.  The authors have lots of tips on how to forgive.

Elizabeth Scott, M.S

Express Yourself

Look For the Positive

Cultivate Empathy

Protect Yourself and Move On

Get Help If You Need It

Edited byRosemary Thornton and 91 others

Realize that the hate you feel toward your adversary does not harm him or her in the slightest.

Understand that the best revenge against your enemies is to live a successful and happy life

Realize that the second best revenge is to turn the evil into something good, to find the proverbial silver lining in the dark cloud.

Make a list of the good things that emerged as a result of this awful experience.

Look for the helpers.

Look at the bigger picture.

Be compassionate with yourself.

Learn that the Aramaic word for “forgive” means literally to “untie.”

Learn how to balance trust with wisdom.

Stop telling “the story.”

Tell “the story” from the other person’s perspective.

Retrain your thinking.  Wish your enemy well

Maintain perspective


Here are two other blogs with long lists of forgiveness actions.


What’s your experience with forgiving someone? How did you do it?

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But Forgiveness is HARD to Do!!

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