Benefits of Forgiveness

Benefits of Forgiveness

You would probably not argue that forgiving someone has benefits.  What I’ve experienced has been more energy, better relationships, and freedom from my past.  Here are some great articles on what other forgiveness experts say about the benefits of forgiveness. 


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To sum it up, forgiveness is good for your body, your relationships, and your place in the world. That’s reason enough to convince virtually anyone to do the work of letting go of anger and working on forgiveness.

Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

  • reduced emotional stress,
  • reduced physical stress,
  • increased peace,
  • increased compassion,
  • deep healing and
  • a greater sense of well-being.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

  • Healthier relationships
  • Greater spiritual and psychological well-being
  • Less anxiety, stress and hostility
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fewer symptoms of depression
  • Lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse

Here are some of the benefits that we can experience thru giving forgiveness either to ourselves or to others.

It would be impossible to list all of the benefits here but here are some of them:

• Stronger intuitive insight and a deepened experience of spiritual connection

• Experience thoughts and emotions that feel good, more often

• Higher level of energy and a better quality of sleep

• Increased happiness and peacefulness

• Happier, healthier relationships

• Greater health and less stress

• Clearer Thinking


These writers and researchers all agree. The benefits of forgiveness impact all areas of our lives.

What benefits have you experienced by forgiving someone?

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But how do I forgive?


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