“How do I DO That?”

October 24, 2017

Now I know  what to DO when I feel emotions rising and my flight response flaring. I’m still practicing, but each time I try it, something shifts inside and I am more and more able to CHOOSE my response and more quickly feel peaceful in many situations.

I helped a friend today get an experience of that knot of frustration in her chest “just melt”.  I remember one of my first times realizing that I could change my perception of others by DOING something  besides stuffing my feelings, disregarding my view, or lying to myself that I didn’t feel how I felt or think what I thought.

I was working at a job in Georgia. I was standing in a circle with my colleagues planning an event. “Here’s an idea!” I said. They ignored me. I tried again. They ignored me. Tension rose in my chest, my belly tightened. “They don’t respect me! I  never get heard or included”. I screamed inside.

I had recently been introduced to Colin Tipping’s Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness. He had suggested to use them to shift energy. Well, I certainly was having energy! I could try them out. I excused myself and retreated to a private place -my van in the parking lot.

Ten minutes later, I returned to the group. I listened. They were still the same. I shared my idea. Someone said, “I like that. OK. Let’s do it.”

Whaaat! What had happened? Now I know, having used 

The Thirteen Steps dozens of times that what had happened was that I recognized my feelings as a signal that a limiting belief was coming up for transformation. Then, instead of ignoring the signal, stuffing my feelings, and pretending to be something I wasn’t, I DID the Thirteen Steps!

My energy shifted and the scene changed. My unworthiness drama had ended and a new play of worthiness had begun! 

Try it yourself!

The Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness 

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