Day 25: Hello and goodbye to Deep and Old Pain

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Wow! Until I actually experience something, it’s just a theory! Even though I’ve been a student of Radical Forgiveness for 7 years, I have only had this direct physical feeling of letting go of an old emotional pain that has taken up residence in my body a few times. Can you relate?

Here’s how it happened for me early this morning. I woke up abruptly. “Oh no, my sore throat is back!” I felt restless and had to get up and sneeze and pee and blow my nose. I couldn’t get back to sleep because “something” wanted to move inside me. In that sore spot in my liver area.

“OK. Pay attention. What is it saying to me?” Memories of a broken hearted thirteen year old, crushed by the teasing and rejection of her friends. “When you do things we like, we’ll like you,” they had written.

At the time, I didn’t know anything about getting help, sharing my feelings, or not believing what people said. My life changed! I went from extroverted happy, friendly child to introverted, cynical and suspicious. I stuffed it down – and remembered.

THAT was the pain coming up. THIS time, I could recognize it, allow myself to feel it, and love myself for having it, along with all of the other suffering I had piled on top of it over the last several decades.

I massaged my side, shook all over – they could have filmed The Exorcist in my room! Then I was free!

I slept til morning and woke up feeling “different.” I can’t say exactly how, but checking my phone gave a good sign that my energy had shifted. There was a message from a prospective client I had worked with ONE YEAR AGO!

At the time, she just wasn’t ready. And I had been cynical, thinking, “she really NEEDS this, but she won’t get help.” Now I realize that the one who needed help was ME and I had been projecting that on her and probably lots of other prospective clients. No wonder my business has not been full!

There she was today! Just at my moment of shifting – or even a little before calling me forth to be of service, free of my own pain, my old hurts.

Letting go of the past means being willing to FEEL the old pain, love myself having it, and letting it leave my body.


Two practices helped me have this shift. One was Daniel and his
crystal singing bowls. I received a 2-hour treatment yesterday at the Decatur Healing Arts. This vibrational technique uses pure tonal sound to massage deep within.

The second is the Radical Forgiveness Four Step Process.

  • Look what I created
  • I notice my judgments and feelings and love myself for having them
  • I’m willing to see perfection in the situation
  • I choose peace.

Experience the four step process in this free audio series from Forgiveness Walks

Now, I can celebrate FREEDOM FROM MY PAST!






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