24 Days to My Nomadic Life: Momentum

Yesterday was a miracle day! That’s when synchronicities happen that are hard to miss. I want to believe that freeing my body of that “unworthiness” belief created an energetic space for three events:

1. A prospective client called
2. A significant local advertiser invited me to be the featured community sponsor
3. My mentor group nourished me with lavish attention
4. My ideal client responded to an interview request immediately
5. I shared information, tips, and ideas on Facebook and they were gladly received.

Now, I can thrive with that kind of interaction!

Today, I can plan to keep the momentum flowing, starting with a coaching session with a social activist I met on Facebook. I can imagine collaborating with her, sharing my gifts and tools and receiving access to her community.

Today’s affirmations that are truly words that proclaim what I now see is true, not just my wish:

I give and receive abundantly with joy and purpose!

My work is valuable and desired!

I’m as popular as anyone else!

I know what to do today and I love it!



OK. Later in the day of Momentum. Hmm. I do have a challenge with focus. I lose it quickly. Do I need to label myself ADHD? Make a list? Love myself hopping from one thing to another? Accept that what suits me best is hiking. There’s the path and me with my backpack. Simple. Forward movement. Purposeful activities. Beauty always.

How can I make letting go of the things that I have and I love here and really be free of them?  There are probably a thousand things in my house that could have a purpose. I have so many useful resources for crafting things and doing things and learning things. They are just stored here waiting to be used! And now, I’m proposing to liquidate my store of its useful things.

This is painful for a resource collector!

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