Day 26: Letting Go of My Favorite Things

I’m feeling a little more energetic today. I may even be ready to begin what appears as my next task toward beginning my Nomadic Lifestyle. So far, I’ve made a couple of big steps – at least in MY mind:

  • Got divorced! I was  married 33 years
  • Said, “Yes, I want to sell my house.”

Now, comes the emotional letting go of my marriage. There’s not much physical stuff remaining of that, we have been physically separate for almost a year now.

The house, however, is right here with me. And, even though I’ve already given away about 70% of the belongings, what’s left seems like the really difficult things to give away. Hmmm Maybe that will change too as I honor my feelings and become WILLING to have them.

In my tool box to help me are the processes of Radical Forgiveness – worksheets, audios, and techniques. I wouldn’t be able to share this without them!  You see, if I had not “awakened” to the possibility that everything happens for a reason and that I’m here in a physical body to experience separation from Spirit, I would be isolating myself, believing that I had to do this all myself and that my own experience had no value to anyone else.

Get the book here, if you’re ready to join me in this quick, easy, and dramatic way to turn your troubles into blessing and get out of Victimland when you’re ready!  Radical Forgiveness Book


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