Big Change? Look to Leo

There sure is a lot going on in my life now! That seems true for several of my loved ones as well. How about for you? Is the summer winding down with paradigm shifting? It occurs to me to pay attention to my friends who look to the heavens for signs of cosmic patterns and shifts that weave the fabric upon which we’re painting our lives.

Deb Unterman brought one such insight in her invitation to play Clarity, her board game that playfully nudges inquisitive adventurers to consider the subtle influences of the invisible energies in our lives.

The New Moon in Leo will also be on August 17, so I expect a high energy Clarity Game. Astrologer Stephanie Austin has this to say about this one:

The next New Moon forms on Friday,August 17 at 8:54 AM PDT at 25º Leo. New Moons are normally quiet,reflective times,but these are not normal times. With the increasing pace of life,it becomes ever more imperative to take time out,or rather,time in;time to check our spiritual compass and make sure we are heading in the right direction…

Leo is associated with the Sun,the star at the center of our solar system,and with the center of our body,the solar plexus. Leo is also linked with the heart,the central pump of our life force,and the heart chakra,which is the center of the seven-chakra system…

Deb plays Clarity tomorrow if you’re interested:

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