Walking Begins

June 3, 2016

Despite the failure of my automated blogpost to email setup, I adhered to our departure schedule this morning! One thought I had was that energetically, it was important for me to get the walking underway and not get delated by the uncooperative mystery. That the url for my website feed to fail made no sense! I had no response to it, so just succumb! Maybe tomorrow it will work!

Still, it was a challenge to let it go, the week’s work basically negated, with no known cause.

But, generously, Ken drove us to Rockfish Gap. It was strange passing by the entire Tye River section, although I certainly have walked it enough times to feel satisfied – for now anyway.

We got on the trail a little after 10. I didn’t feel inclined to socialize with the thruhikers or talk about my hike. I did though.

Ah! Walking felt good though! The humidity and heat are so different from the desert! The greenness overwhelming, but familiar  too!

We made good time all day. I reviewed Meet the Mountains technique, even on the relatively gentle climbs.

We recited The Cremation of Sam McGee – twice! We had memorized it on our 2007 thruhike between Palmerton, PA and Delaware Water Gap. Amazing how it comes back!

3:30, rain began and we walked with umbrellas til 4:30. The sun came out again and we decided to stop for the day at a flat wooded mountaintop. Nice and early for a momentous first day of getting on the trail.

Camping feels like home to me. Quinoa and chicken dinner delicious.

Several responses came to my “I’d really like to know how my walking can help you” email! I love two-way conversations! I’ll incorporate the requests and ideas as I walk!

My Nonsenses Immersion at camp after dinner – two hours before dark! – felt enriching and connecting me to the continuum of days since April 12 when I started the practice. Even in the woods, the rainbow of color awakens a sense of wholeness. Oh, and there were “rainbow drops” glinting in the trees as the sun shone through the canopy and lit up the raindrops hanging from the leaves.

First day on the trail complete. Contentment washes me.


In joy

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