Unopened Gifts

I’m always stumped when I offer a gift to people I know and they don’t open it. My mind races with reasons they could have. A veritable whirlwind of thoughts spins around in that space I see in my mind’s eye as my head.
But, no matter how much I think about it, the truth is I don’t know their reason.
That’s the puzzle about marketing to me. Until there’s a conversation that’s a direct query about matching needs and desires with goods and services, I’m going to be guessing! That eases my anxiety a bit. It also makes marketing appear to be verrrry time consuming!

Another question does come up, though. Is the rejection of gifts something that I also do? If my situation is mirroring something about myself, is that what’s being shown?

For now, I’ll be content that what I offered was a good quality gift that I gave sincerely and without attachment. That it was not yet received is merely a current condition not a judgment of its value or mine.

I can keep creating value and offering it, thus increasing the abundance of valuable creations in the world.

Like Nature does with seeds

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