It’s always refreshing when I experience a breakthrough from an Old Story to a New Story. There’s a palpable lightness in my body, a giddy sort of happiness, a flood of ideas.

This time it involved a realization that my partner truly is willing to honor the value of my business and willingly schedule time for it on our weekends off from our jobs.

Til now, our stories blended perfectly to give us two days of hiking most weekends. His There’s Never Enough Time For Hiking story complemented my My Expression Doesn’t Matter story.

Something shifted in my perspective this weekend while my sons and ex were getting together. I noticed my beliefs in my former marriage and how the same feelings of unworthiness were brewing in my new relationship.

“Now, that’s dumb!” I thought. “No need to squander  all that I learned from that relationship and repeat it in this one! Why not allow this partner to mirror back a belief in worthiness?”

On our walk, I allowed my feelings to come to awareness – sadness, guilt about my divorce, resulting in separation from my family. I talked about it with him, and he did ok witnessing and validating my story. For a while, anyway.

When he admitted that hearing MY story sucked him into HIS story that he’s a bad person for ruining my marriage I backed off. But, I had taken enough steps forward  that the shift had occurred.

Yesterday, I worked all day on laying out a vision for a 62-day journey toward a product launch for my 62nd birthday. And, I helped him with his taxes, honoring his choice to do them on paper and not with the e-filing program I’ve used.

Old Stories have power! Letting them go frees up a lot of energy to create something else! Let the journey continue!

– Regina Reiter

If you’re suspecting that an Old Story might be trapping you in old patterns, I invite you to take a first step toward freedom – tell the story. I’m here to listen! Click the link below and schedule a complimentary 20-minute Storytelling Session OR write it out and email it to me! You’ll feel lighter right away when someone witnesses and validates your story.


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