My S.T.O.R.Y.

“I’m not doing a real business because I don’t have clear products and services or even feel comfortable inviting someone who is struggling with planning to talk with me. I lurk in someone else’s coaching circle, offering suggestions with no authority or compensation; I comment in the women’s hiking group, requesting fb friends, but don’t have my own group.  And if I do share, I’ll do it wrong.I should have my own group but I don’t have time! I don’t know what to call it! Poor me! Dumb me! Unworthy me! Not doing this right me!”

Here’s how this is a Sustained Tale Of Repressed Yearning
I’ve been a shy, jealous, unworthy girl all my life! Yet, I know that I have tools, perspectives, and value to share that can – and has- helped others. My yearning is to contribute, thrive, and easily share helpful tools that help others love themselves, love their walks, love the mountains, feel awesome, and feel radiantly fulfilled.

My Radical Forgiveness steps:
1. You got the story!
2. Feelings: sad, afraid – selfblame and shame!!!!
3. I love myself having these feelings and know that when I’m ready I can choose peace!!
4. I am open to another view. The others are healing angels for me.
Everything is in Divine Order. I am taking small steps and anyway right now, I am working fulltime in a job. Coaching can come when the time is right. I love myself and others just as we are. I agreed to myself to clarify steps, and I could do those rather than tackle the “hard” stuff.

Singing Wild Wind


And charging my Nonsenses with a  color play……

Choosing a New Story from my Satori Board Game deck: “I am the luckiest person alive! I am so grateful!”

Now, on to my day at work, walking this into my body.

Update 12 hours later: As usual, MY projection on the world was inaccurate to what was actually happening – someone I met was getting ready to accept my offer to chat while I was believing I was doing it all wrong. Good thing Spirit is the True guide!

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