NET: First Day

August 17, 2018

We woke up at 6, took a shower in the Monadnock Statr Park campground shower with just 2 quarters for three minutes! I noticed my judgements and loved myself for having them when John drove the van to the shower, then suggested I cook breakfast in the parking lot while he finished up toileting. “That’s what our campsite is for.” He thought my driving the van back to the campsite was a better idea, so I did that. I do wonder how well I can quickly shift judgments like this to peace! Yes, it seems like petty stuff and gets me huffy too! I could use the Four Step Process:

1. The situation is….

2. I notice my judgments and love myself having them.

3. I’m willing to see perfection in this situation.

4. I choose peace.

Accomplishments for the day:

Summited Mt Monadnock, NH, elevation approx 3200′, at 10:40 am. Continued safely down on the White Arrow Trail, then found the Royce Trail, the one that takes us to the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, which becomes the New England Trail at the MA state line.

Walked south past Gap Mtn to a spot in the gap where we stopped early to sleep out.

6:52 pm and we’re all tucked in, with a thunderstorm just starting! Let’s see how this tiny Big Agnes Fly Creek tent works stuffed with two people!

We are hidden from the trail, a satisfying choice that respects the no camping rule.

I feel at home in our tent and sleeping out! Connected to the Earth!

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