Moon Cookie

December 18, 2017

While waiting for my grandson’s household to stir I am making good on my New Story of being spontaneously creative and doing Forgivenesswalks work by reading through draft blogposts. I’m developing a habit of posting ideas, quotes, and undeveloped dramas as drafts.

I just found one that delights me. It was an idea I had.

“November 27, 2017

Create a book using The Moon’s the North Wind’s Cookie by Vachel Lindsay. Watercolor paintings for illustrations.

Also a story of Sebastian watching the moon. Basic moon observation story.”

Well, guess what?

I did that! And, I did it spontaneously! A couple of days ago, during the four hours that my grandson’s mom had thoughtfully scheduled the nanny for childcare, I drove over to the nearby park and painted the book!

I’ll just post one painting here, and jot down the task of creating a PDF of the book so I can share it. For now, I’ll keep it unpublished until I navigate any legal waters of using Vachel’s poem.

“He bites it day by day”

What I see is that this also challenges yesterday’s S.T.O.R Y. (Sustained Tale Of Repressed Yearning) that I am not willing to do what it takes for me to succeed in my business

Whadya know?

That story is not true!

I followed through on an idea spontaneously, creatively, and generously, all qualities that I want in Forgivenesswalks.

And that is my New S.T.O.R Y. (Spiritual Truth Of Real You)

In joy,


2 Replies to “Moon Cookie”

  1. Who is your grandpa’s Mom? I got confused.
    Did you mean your grandson’s Mom? That would make sense.

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