Inner Journey

June 8 and 9, 2016
What a beautiful place to be while disappointed! The Skyland Lodge room we had was perfect for our night off the trail! We had mailed our first food drop there, so it was a good place to rent a room, you know, with a bed and bath and clean towels, all that good stuff!


Really incredible view from the room, especially watching  the storm move across the Shenandoah Valley!

Dinner at the restaurant included trout, asparagus salad, and a big side order of fries! Even my gluten-free preference was accommodated.

We washed our clothes, took baths – and showers too – sorted the food in our maildrop.

These are all parts of what I call The Outer Journey.

Within and underneath, an Inner Journey was brewing! And this, my friends, is the stuff of journeying that provides the threads of a radiantly fulfilling journey – if the threads are tended and woven carefully. If not, the journey could unravel!

Read on for my latest Inner Journey story.

Scene One:The Disapointment

One of my Facebok messages contains the news that my mentor didn’t have time to take me on as a regular client. I had thought that getting her help with digital tasks that are no match for my smartphone was just a message away! I was wrong! Bam. Door shut! Let down! (Just like other times in my life – which clued me in that this was a new version of my life’s Old Story).

Scene Two: The Shutdown

So what do I do? Take action to feel powerful. I drop my membership in her coaching club. Tough, eh? That will show HER! I also stop talking with my partner, you know, because I would have to explain why I did an irrational thing (and mostly, because I might start FEELING – Noooo! I just have to feel right!)

Scene Three: Underway

In the morning, John is mystified by my behavior, thinking I was mad at him, and of course he can’t figure out why!

Meanwhile, it’s time to check out from our marvelous room and start walking. The Outer Journey must go on!

The rhythm of walking, the fresh air, and the soothing green scenery support the Inner Journey perfectly. I walk. John asks me questions.

Scene Four: Breakthrough

I parry his questions, staying on the surface. He peels the layers. No, I’m not mad at him. He misunderstood my comment about his being “just” my hiking partner. My armour is thinning. “So, what happened?” he asks.

It’s a good thing I’m walking in front so he can’t see the tears welling up and over as the story tumbles out and my real feelings of sadness come to the surface.

“That’s what this is about? I had no idea.” He stops. “Let me hug you.”

Scene Five: Shift Happens

This general flow of an Inner Journey play, from upset, resistance, giving in to telling the story, feelings my feelings has one more scene. And that’s

Scene Six: Scenic View


Once I allow those feelings and start to see that what happened COULD be an opportunity for me to learn and grow, all sorts of ideas flow! That’s what happened today! I realized that her saying No to my original plan forced me to create a new plan.

As it often happens, the ideas I’m having now about opening HeartSinging Walk Community, my Inner Journey project for this walk, will make the project way better! I feel free and energized! My, the forest is amazing! What! We’ve walked five miles in 2 1/2 hours?!!! This Inner Journey thing really works!!

The end

Well, not really the end of the day. We walked 8 more miles in the beautiful Shanandoah Park. We met a dozen other hikers today, including a guy from San Diego who has walked a route across San Diego County from the Pacific Ocean to the Salton Sea. That’s where WE live in the winter! He enjoyed the company of other seasoned hikers.

Cooking dinner on a vista point 15 miles north of our starting point on the outside and many vibrational levels higher on the inside, I feel blessed – radiantly fulfilled even!

In joy,

P.S. Does any of this Inner Journey story sound familiar? Please share! Just hit reply and tell your story! I’ll answer you back with some tips on how to weave your own radiantly fulfilling new story.

My favorite moment yesterday was meeting this amazing tree!

Can’t wait to hear a story from YOU!

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