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January 9, 2018

Can anyone tell me how to get self-discipline?  I don’t have much or maybe any.  I need some.  A lot.  I have some serious things I need to change.  I have no self-discipline to change them.  I am so frustrated with myself.

A friend posted this on Facebook. I have an idea about this! Play the game Satori! You’ve heard me talk about it and invite you to play, I’m sure.

I use it regularly for Old Stories in my own life. I play the game solo, with ithers, with my partner. What happens is that I discover language that describes my unconscious beliefs. I chuckle often during the game because it seems uncanny that the cards I pick randomly seem to fit my story. I realize that my stories, beliefs, energy blocks, and projections are familiar ones to the general human experience. “Ah, so I’m not alone, or unusual, or hopelessly different after all!”

Satori helps me see humor and lightness in my emotional stuckness. It gives me a form and some space to air my grievances. Ultimately, it moves me to accept myself just as I am and finally speak a new way to look at my situation.

And, the benefit of that?  To free me from my past! Give me a new choice to choose if I want to! 

My favorite square to land on is “Self Acceptance” that says, “Affirm:I love myself being in my feelings about this, and know that when I’m ready I can choose peace.”

I’ll be setting up Satori games played by phone during February. Hit reply and say “I want to play!” and you can help choose the dates!

In joy, 


P.S. Here’s info about the game if you are unfamiliar.

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  1. I was surprised to read the first lines of this blog, believing that was your story about yourself! As I read further, I saw it wasn’t and I was happy for you. And for me. I’m free from my self-discipline story, except for diabetes. Still helpful there, with the goal of normal blood sugar.

  2. Regina, I’m interested. Will be traveling Feb. 9-11. Look forward to playing with you! Lynette

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